Surgery recovery, the ups and the downs.

Tuesday morning I had (my last two) wisdom teeth removed. I spent the rest of Tuesday and most of Wednesday sleeping. By Thursday morning I was doing pretty well. I was still taking the pain meds, (I’m still taking them today, at least to sleep,) but I was no longer miserable and my swelling was down. It wasn’t completely gone, but was way better than it had been.  All in all, I’m feeling pretty good.

The pain meds are strong enough to kill the pain, but not something that hugely affects my mental capacity. I can think straight but I have trouble with the complicated processes of plotting out what happens in a story. But that hasn’t kept me from working… I’ve been keeping myself busy with character sketches for the new people we’ll meet in the next Kitsune book. I’ve been working on plotting for sometime and I always have a number of people we meet for the first time, this one is no different. I’m using my relaxing and down time for a good use. I’m hoping that taking some extra time now will save me some later on, make the actual writing move faster once I get there.

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  1. demonsangel says:

    love the cover and except of Jades’s Peace. I am putting it on my tbr list because I have to read this story. Like I said, the cover I love because it’s beautiful and I find it to be stunning. I will be looking for it when it goes close to being released in 2014.

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