Hard Days

Not that life is hard, or things aren’t going well in my day to day life, it’s just that some days the story comes more easily than others. Some days the words flow more readily, and others every word, every phrase is a battle. I’ve had several of the latter in a row and it’s a little discouraging. I know where my story is going, I know what needs to happen, it’s just this particular scene isn’t going well. I’m going to give the process a little more time before I move on to another scene to come back to this one.

I feel like this scene is important to the story, but I’m also afraid that since it’s so difficult to write it may end up being something I cut in the long run. Still, I know I need to write out the scene, even if it has to be cut later, because for the story it has to be written, even if I know I will cut it later because this scene will be used in the long run to work out some of the details in the plot.

So, I’ll work on this scene for a  while longer, and if things don’t open up I’ll move on, and continue the story, then come back to the scene later on. It will work out, I know it will, in the mean time it makes for some hard days.


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The last week has been rough. I had a kid home sick most of the week last week, then she was generous enough to share her illness with me, so I spent the weekend trying to recover. Things have been crazy busy around here and I’ve had a really hard time concentrating.

I think part of my concentration problem is my glasses… I took the suggestion of the optician last year and had the lenses slightly tinted brown, not dark like sunglasses, just slightly, then the photo-gray added on top of that so that they would get darker in the sun. At first I really liked it, it cut down on night driving glare (a big issue for me, when I drive at night.) But over time it’s become a nuisance.

I spend much of my year in a semi-dark house. Why? Because to block out the heat, (temps of 120+ F.) it also blocks out much of the light. So I can close the curtains and block out the heat but then I have to turn on a light, it drives me crazy.

So I went in and had a new eye exam last month (We do it yearly, it’s habit,) and ordered new glasses. Kid 1 got her glasses in 2 weeks (it was just she and I this time, Kid 2 doesn’t wear glasses and Kid 3 isn’t due till June.) The shop called me right at week 3 to tell me my glasses were in… I went into pick them up and I when the tech pulled them out to make sure they were clean that they weren’t the right glasses… the prescription was right. but they were totally not the frames I’d ordered. And they were so hideous I wouldn’t take them. So they had to reorder the glasses, hopefully they’ll get the right ones in this time, and hopefully faster.

In the mean time, I struggle with concentrating…

Maybe I’ll switch to the laptop and just take my glasses off.

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